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Xiaomi recently unveiled its futuristic Xiaomi Mi Air Charging technology that has caught the eye of the whole world. Xiaomi made it clear through a video which shows the concept of Mi Air Charging technology. This wireless Xiaomi Mi Air charging technology does not require any wireless charging dock, nor any kind of cables or adapters. Air charging is not the only thing new to the wireless standards, the wireless networking world has reached newer heights with the introduction of Wi-Fi 6E recently along with its supported Wi-Fi routers as well as the unveiling of the world first 5G Modem by Qualcomm Snapdragon X65 are some of the latest technology to enter in to world of wireless communications, and networking.

What is Xiaomi Mi Air Charge technology?

Xiaomi Mi Air charging technology is basically a technology that has the potential to charge your smart devices via air .

What Past holds for Charging

Wall Charge :

The first kind of charging tech that was brought to the world was wall charging. Starting from the featured phones of 2000s till smartphones of today’s generation, many of them still come with a cable and a wall adapter which supports wall charging.

Drawbacks of Wall Charge

There were many drawbacks that wall charging possessed like restricting our phone usage while charging, or even if you use, it will limit your usage to the length of the charging cable. With increase in charging speed battery life also gets affected as fast charging puts more stress on battery that eventually leads to degrade battery life.

The end of wall charging
Faster charging rateLimit phone’s usage
Less Charging TimeAffects battery life due to fast and fluctuating charging speed
Cheaper Price in case of replacementDoes not support multiple devices
Pros and Cons of Wall charge

Wireless Charge:

Wireless charging came up with a boost by eliminating the usage of wall adapters and cables and replacing them with wireless charging pads or docks. One of the main advantages it provided was the support for charging multiple devices simultaneously. You can charge your smart phone , your smart watch or smart band all at the same time.

Drawback of Wireless Charge

It reduced the efficiency of charging due to the fact that the charging current needs to pass through the plastic charging dock or the back of your smartphone when placed on a charging pad which are less conductive materials compared to the metallic charging cables that can offer you charging directly from a powerful source.

Can charge multiple devices simultaneouslyTransfer of electric current through less conductive material
Easy to carryMore Radiation
More convenient Less Charging speed
Pros and Cons of Wireless Charge

The Advanced Xiaomi Mi Wireless Air Charging technology

The latest form of charging devices which we are yet to see in consumer retail markets. With wireless air charging you don’t need to plug you smart phone to any wall adapter or any charging dock.

You can keep using your smart phone all the day and the battery never drains. It does not restrict your smart phone usage and provides charging at a considerable rate compared to fast charging that provides charge according to your battery percentage.

Lets say you battery is at 0%, when you put it to charge it will charge at a faster rate up to 60-70% after that the charging speed gets reduced. Due to differential charging speeds that occurs in case of wall adapters, air charging provides us with a low charging speed but at a constant and considerable rate, so that the battery’s health is maintained.

ParametersWall ChargeWireless ChargeAir Charge
Limit phone usageIcon 02 512Icon 02 512download
Charging SpeedFluctuatingSlows over timeConstant
Charging EfficiencyHighLowHigh
Comparison between wall charge, wireless charge and air charge technology

Wireless Air Charging Technology in the Past

Several companies have introduced the concept of wireless air charge technology before, like the Motherbox’s alien looking capsule back in 2017 which claimed to broadcast up to 10 Watts of power in all directions. One more company that claimed to provide wireless air charge technology was the WI-CHARGE, but all of which failed.

The Motherbox True Wireless Air Charging Concept

How does Xiaomi Mi Air Charging Technology works

Basically there is a charging station or a charging base that transmits special rays which are then received by the smart devices which then converts the rays into electrical signal that functions the charging of the device

Xiaomi Mi Air Charge Technology
  • The Xiaomi Mi Air Charging technology has a Base station which is the size of a mini refrigerator has 5 Phase interference antennae that can detect the positioning of a smartphone.
  • It also has a Phase control array consisting of 144 antennae that helps in transmitting millimeter-wide waves directly to the smartphones in the form of a beam.
  • The smartphone to support air charging must have a built in Beacon antennae and a receiving antennae array which for now is available only in the Mi 11 series.
  • The receiving antennae array consists of 14 antennae that converts the millimeter-wide wave signal into an electric energy through the rectifier circuit, which eventually does the charging.
  • It supports 5W of air charging for a single device up to several meters and its charging efficiency does not decrease with physical obstacles.
  • It can charge multiple devices at the same time (supports 5W charging to each device)
Xiaomi Mi air charging technology

Motorola Air Charging

  • Motorola air charge technology does uses a similar technology as Xiaomi but the efficiency of charging gets reduced by presence of any physical obstacles.
  • It supports charging up to a distance of 100 cm.
Motorola Air Charge Technology


ParametersXiaomi Mi Air ChargingMotorola Air Charging
Support multiple devicesIcon 02 512download
Decrease in charging efficiency by presence of obstaclesdownloadIcon 02 512
Size of the Charging StationMini refrigerator sizeSize of a smartphone
Charging speed5WNA
Comparison between Xiaomi Mi Air Charge and Motorola Air Charge

What the Future holds for Xiaomi Mi Air Charge Technology

  1. You don’t need to actively plug your smartphone to any cable or any wireless charging dock or stand as it will restrict your phone usage, all you can now do is you can effectively carry on using it like normal while your battery trickles up slowly.
  2. Restaurants, Malls, Transport stations, Airports and many public places may soon install Wireless Air Charge Base Station, so that you will need to worry about carrying your wires and cables , your charging docks or even power banks.
  3. When air charging gets better starting from small devices like TV remotes or smart speakers but very soon smart bands and even smart phones will start shrinking their battery capacities or just keep it as a backup or reserve, or may be just may be get rid of battery entirely in future.
  4. Batteries not only serve as one extra component for which we are paying for but its also the fastest degrading component in a smartphone (2-3 years life span) which forces us to change devices frequently. Its also the major contributor of any phone’s thickness and weight. So, in future we may see smartphones that are much more lighter and thinner.
  5. The current Xiaomi Mi Air Charge technology can support only 5 Watts of charging speed, but it has provided us with a foundation of a fully functioning air charging technology. We may see in coming days Air Charge that can support faster charging speed.
  6. Sooner or later charging ports will start vanishing from the smartphones and all you can do is to just sit and relax while the air does the charging for you.

These devices are just a prototype on which the company manufacturers are still working and developing and its yet to come in the retail markets for consumers use.

What are the different constraints or harmful effects of air charge technology:-

  1. It may possess some harmful effects due to the non ionizing radiation that it transmits basing upon the energy and exposure time which may result in localized heating.
  2. Although non ionizing radiation does not penetrate deep into the tissue but it may increase the damage to eyes and skin.

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