Elon Musk Neuralink implants chip in Monkey

Elon Musk has just got this. He and his team Neuralink performed the implantation of a chip inside a monkey’s brain who can now is able to play video games using his mind. As claimed it is one the most innovative step taken towards the change in future technology on how we can read animal’s brains and make them function as we want.

Key Points

  • Neuralink, a company that is owned by Elon Musk, implants a chip inside a monkey’s brain who can now play video games using his mind.
  • San Francisco based company Neuralink aims to implement on human- computer interfaces, for providing Artificial Intelligence to humans.
  • Listen to the full interview below:
Mokey playing on a Video Game

During a talk on Clubhouse “Good Time Show” Elon Musk mentioned that they have already got a wireless chip implanted inside a monkey’s skull, who can now play video games using his mind.

One of the things that they are trying to look out is what if monkeys could play mind “pong” with each other.

Elon Musk mentions it as a fitbit, and the tiny wires it has connects to the brain.

The place of implant cant be seen all you can observe is a slight dark mohawk.

The chip is implanted with the help of special surgical robots who carry out the entire process starting from incision of skull for putting the chip inside to covering the skull so that there will be no sign of any scar on the head.

This entire process is fully automatic ,carried out by special surgical robots with high accuracy to make the surgery without any loss of blood.

According to Elon Musk Neuralink aims to provide fast information transfer from a human brain to a machine.

Elon Musk’s Neuralink pig implant chip

Its not for the first time that something has happened, previously Neuralink has implanted wired chip inside a pig’s head.

It was shown via a live session in which 3 pigs were demonstrated

  • The first pig was numbered as Pig number 1 called Joyce, who does not have any implant and was a healthy and happy pig.
  • The second pig was Pig number 2 named as Dorthy, who used to have an implant which was later removed. This demonstrates its reversibility, that if you have an implant and later on you want to remove it, you can do it with ease.
  • You can also upgrade the implanted chip by removing the older version of it and replacing it with newer one. This shows how effectively it can be done.
  • The third pig was numbered as 3 and named as Gertrude who had a chip implanted in his brain and was a high energy pig.
  • The signals from the chip can be heard in the form of beep sounds which shows real time signals from the neural link that is present inside Gertrude’s head.
  • The neural link connects with the neurons of the snout, whenever the pig snuffles or touches something with its snout, it sends out neural spikes which are then detected.
  • Each spike is detected from the 1024 electrode.
  • When you feed food to the pig or when you touch its snout the neurons fire much more as compared to when you don’t touch the snout.
  • Neauralink is now focusing on the possibility of putting multiple neural links implant and to a have a healthy, happy pig which is undistinguishable from a normal pig
  • Each of the dots on the graph represents a neural spike
Image Source: Google Images
  • Well it went further on discussing additional activities related to brain reading that shows when the pig is made to walk on a treadmill.
  • Readings were taken from the neurons and prediction of joints was made through a graph which also shows the actual joints readings, they both were almost exactly aligned.
  • This all goes to show that we are able to detect the actual positioning of limbs and joints through a wirelessly implanted chip
Graph showing predicted positioning of joints and actual positioning of joints

Key Features of the Neural Chip implanted inside the Pig

  • 1024 channels per link
  • 23mm ✖ 8mm
  • Invisible
  • axis-IMU, temperature, pressure etc.
  • All day battery life
  • megabit wireless data rate
Elon Musk introducing the neural chip put inside pig’s brain

What the Future holds :

  • A day may come when we will be able to store our beautiful memories in such neural chip and then replay it whenever we want to experience that feeling.
  • Several spine and brain problems might be solved with this implanted device which works seamlessly.
  • We may be even able to share our concepts with one another by telepathy process.
  • It maybe useful to treat certain neural diseases.
  • Humans could become more efficient in certain scenarios.
  • If the embedded chips work seamlessly with tech devices we can control our devices with our mind may be possibly just by thinking.

For more information you can visit Neuralink official website https://neuralink.com/.

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