Easy Install google play store on windows 11

Install Google Play Store on Windows 11 | How to install Google Play Store on Windows 11 | Windows 11 | How to install windows subsystem for android on Windows 11

Many of you might be wondering of how to install Google Play store on Windowss 11 and why do we actually need it. Well Windows 11 comes with many versatile features and one of them is its adaptability to different android run apps. With the introduction of Amazon aapstore recently Windows 11 made it clear that over the time many android apps will be coming to Windows 11 as well. But the Amazon aapstore has certain limitations like it isn’t available over all the countries and regions and for the time being it offers very less number of applications. As a result rather than going for Amazon aapstore, installing Google Play Store on Windows 11 is a far better option.

Google Play Store as we all are familiar with provdes thousands of apps that can we used and on top of it unlike the Amazon aapstore it is available throughout all the countries and regions.

In this tutorial guide we will be showing you the exact steps following which you can use Google play store in your PC or laptop running Windows10/11 . After following these steps you guys could easily be able to use the Google play store in your Windows devices in the same way as you use in your Android smartphone.

What are the Advantages of Installing Google Play Store on Windows 11

There are plenty of advantages you can gain after installing google play store on windows 11 like:

  • No need to go everytime to search in chrome, you can directly open the respective apps.
  • Works seamlessly and fine without any issues
  • All the apps are protected by Google Play Protect.
  • Updates are available

Video Guide on How to Install Google Play Store on Window 11

See this video below to get complete details and steps regarding the installation of google play store on windows 11. You can also follow our article or guide on this post also.

Steps on How to Install Google Play Store on Windows 11

Step 1 : Enable Windows Additional Features

  1. Go to start menu and type “Turn Windows Features on or off” and select the first option.
  2. From the Windows Features list Select or Turn on Hyper V , Virtual Machine Platform and Windows Hypervisor Platform
  3. After selecting all the 3 then click on “OK”
  4. It will start downloading the required files and softwares from the internet and install into your system.
  5. After that it will ask you to restart your PC/laptop. So just click on “Restart Now”
  • NOTE: The Hyper V faeture is by default shown on in systems running on Windows 11 Pro editions whereas on systems running on Windows 11 Home editions the Hyper V feature is not shown by default. We will have to manually install it and turn it on .
  • Read this article on how you can easily turn on or enable the Windows Hyper V feature for Windows 11 Home editions.

Step 2 : Turn on the Developer Mode

  1. Go to your Windows 11 settings
  2. Then search for “Deeveloper Settings” from the right menu.
  3. Turn on the “Developer Settings”
Turn on Developer Settings on Windows 11

Step 3 : Downloading Windows Subsystem for Android

  1. First go to Github.com and sign in or create an account if you dont have one .
  2. Then visit the following page on github by clicking here.
  3. Click on “Fork” near the top right corner of the page.
  4. Then click on “Actions” on the follow up page.
  5. Then on the next page click on “Build WSA” and select “Run Workflow”.
  6. In the following drop down menu click on “Variants of gapps” and then select “pico” and rest keep everything as such.
  7. Click on “Run Workflow”
  8. Wait for around 8-10 mins for the process to be completed.
  9. After successfull completeion of the workflow a new file will show up by the name of “Build WSA”
  10. Click on it or Open it and then scroll down and downlaod the file that says x64 in its file name.
  11. Click here to go directly to the Download page
  12. The File name should read as follows depending upon the latest version : WSA-with-magisk-GApps-pico_2203.40000.1.0_x64_Release-Nightly
  • NOTE: Download the file that says x64. Don’t download the arm64 file as that is optimized for android architecture, so won’t work on windows. Hence go for the x64b file name.

Step 4 : Installing Windows Subsystem for Android

  1. Extract the WSA file (downloaded file).
  2. Open the extracted WSA file.
  3. Scroll down and you will find a document that says “install”
  4. Right click on “Install” and select “Run with Powershell”
  5. This will install the Windows Subsytem for Android in your PC/laptop.
  • NOTE: In some cases you might encounter an error that says writing scripts is disabled on your device when you try to install by running Windows Powershell. In that case you will need to have to enable running scripts on your device to proceed further.
  • Click here or visit this link to know how you can enable writing scripts on your windows device

Step 5 : Configuring Windows Subsystem for Android

  1. After installing Windows Subsystem for Android wait for a while it will automatically install google play store on windows 11 for you.
  2. Before you sign in to Google Play Store account you will need to do some settings on your WSA app.
  3. Now open Windows Subsystem for Android scroll down and turn on “Developer Mode”
  4. Now go back to Google Play Store

Step 6 : Signing into Google Play Store on Windows 11

  1. Now go to start menu and open the Google play store app in the recommended section.
  2. Sign in using your google account just like you do in your android devices.
  3. After signing in you will successfully arrive at your google play store dashboard just like in android devices.
  4. From there you can install any apps and services in the same way you do in your smartphones
  5. Every other app you will install using Google Play Store on Windows 11 will become a separate and independent app in your Windows system.


So this is how you can easily install google play store on windows 11. Just follow the steps accordingly and in no time you will be using google play store on your windows device with tons of applications. So if you like this guide on how to install google play store on windows 11 then do subscribe to our newsletter for getting updates on whenever we publish any ne article and subsribe to our youtube channel Techyguide360 for our video tutorials.

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