Best Gaming Chair with Footrest

Gaming is one of those things that entertain people the most. To experience hardcore gaming you need to have a high specs gaming console or PC, gaming Wi-Fi routers that comes with Wi-Fi 6E support along with high quality gaming monitor and other gaming stuffs and accessories. But most people ignore that you also need to have a good quality gaming chair that allows you to play games for longer sessions without feeling tired.

Simple use PC chairs look normal as many others. But a Gaming Chair with footrest is an incredible piece of furniture that lets you play for hours together without feeling any tiredness. At the same time Gaming Chair with footrest  brings you one more extra edge of comfort and it not only adds to your hardcore gaming experience but it also helps in maintaining your body posture in keeping your body upright as well as maintains your blood flow or blood circulation. It helps you to sit for longer period of time, provides more comfort and allows you to be more productivity at your work.

Gaming chairs are a highly crafted piece of manufacturing with ergonomic design and fantastic colors to perfectly fit inside your game room’s decoration.

We list here some of the Best Gaming Chair with footrest that will enhance your gaming experience along with comfort, you can play for longer hours without any health issues and which will suite your game room perfectly

What is a Gaming chair with Footrest?

Normal gaming chair comes with rocking features, whereas gaming chairs with footrest does not have rocking feature. The footrest is generally retractable footrest that placed beneath the chair. You can choose to sit on the chair in normal upright position and whenever you feel tired you can quickly pull out the retractable footrest that allows your feet to relax. With your feet relaxed upon the retractable footrest and your body or spine reclined against the backrest your gaming chair actually turns up into a zero-gravity chair. The zero gravity refers to a reclining function that helps distribute the user’s body weight across the chair by absorbing a mass of the user’s body weight.

Overview of the Best Gaming Chair with Footrest

ImageProductUnique FeaturesPrice
Autofill Mechanical Master gaming chair with footrestAutofull Mechanical Master Gaming Chair with Footrest4D Mechanical Armrest
Storage Brackets support.
Retractable Footrest
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Ficmax Racing Gaming Chair with FootrestFicmax Racing Gaming chair with footrest180° Full Reclining Backrest
USB Powered message Lumbar Pillow

Retractable Footrest
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cordlessblowerKasorix High Back Gaming Chair with Footrest5 Customizable RGB Color Lighting
BIFMA Certified.
Retractable Footrest
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Autofill Slam Dunk Gaming chair with footrestAutofull Slam Dunk Big and Smll Gaming Chair with footrest4D Mechanical Armrests
Special NBA designed edition

Retractable Footrest
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414uvdmTn1L. SX300 SY300 QL70 ML2Flash Furniture X30 Gaming Chair with FootrestHigh Back Design
Available in many solo colors

Slide out Footrest
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71fgGg2MakL. SL1500Respawn RSP 900 Gaming Chair with FootrestIntegrated cup holder
Storage pouch present
No wire tangling issue

Retractable Footrest
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71K2 Ib6wIL. SX425Respawn RSP 110 Gaming Chair with Footrest4D Adjustability
Segmented Padding design

Retractable Footrest
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Fantasylab 8257s Gaming Chair with FootrestAdjustable Message Lumbar Pillow
Weight Support 400 LBS
175º Recline

Retractable Footrest
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51HytIZnGvL. AC SS450Nokaxus yk-6008 Gaming Chair with FootrestUSB powered message Lumbar pillow
180° Reclining Backrest
Retractable Footrest
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Von Racer Beetle Message Gaming Chair with Footrest3D Spine High Back Support
Memory foam seat cushion
Adjustable Vibrate Message Lumbar support

Retractable Footrest
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Autofull Mechanical Gaming Chair with Footrest

Autofill Mechanical The Autofill Mechanical Master tops the list of our Best Gaming chair with footrest. It has been designed and engineered in a way to support all kinds of gaming experiences including gaming on PC , mobiles and Gaming consoles.


  • 1 Pair of Multidimensional mechanical Armrest
  • Integrated and Retractable Footrest Present
  • Comes with Ergonomic Design
  • 360° Dynamic Full swivel movement
  • Reclining Backrest up to 155°


  • Adjustible Headrest
  • Waist Pillow (Lumbar pillow) present
  • High Density Foam Padding


  • Has Soft PU and Quiet rolling Caster


  • Comes with Hydrolysis Resistant PU-C+ Fiber Leather

Strength and Support

  • Heavy Duty wide metal Internal Steel bar that can support weight up to 390 pounds

Functioning and Performance

  • Tilt Mechanism: Thick cylinder with upgraded High and Pure Nitrogen
  • The most unique feature of this chair are its Mechanical Arm.
  • The mechanical arms can swivel up to 360°
  • The mechanical arms has storage bracket that can be opened to 120° and used to keep stuffs such as your earphones, gaming accessories or other peripherals
  • The arms perform multidimensional functions as it can be adjusted to upward and downward , left and right, diagonally , forward and backward by 5 cm
  • The gaming chair has wide handrails which can be enlarged
  • While playing games the arm rest provides support to your spine so that you don’t have to lean. This also helps to keep your body posture good and your spine does not face any pressure allowing you to play games for hours together.
  • Retractable footrest present beneath the chair.
  • The chair can recline up to 155° , with 90° for working on PC, 120° for gaming in mobiles PC and consoles and 155° that supports napping.
  • SGS Level 4 Gas Lift
  • Seat width x depth: 52cm(W) ✕ 55cm(D)
  • Backrest width x height: 58.9cm″ (W), 92.96cm″ (H)
  • Floor to seat range: 16.9″ to 20″ (W)
  • Chair height: 50.8″ to 53.9″
  • Suitable for persons with Height:  5’7″ to 6’0″
  • 4D Mechanical Armrests
  • Mechanical Arms support full 360 Degree Swivel
  • Storage Brackets available to keep your gaming accessories and other peripherals
  • Footrest, Headrest and Lumbar support all available
  • Comes with incredible comfort
  • Comes with Hydrolysis resistant PU leather
  • Price may be the issue for some
  • Does not support 180 Degree full reclining, it supports up to 155 Degree

Ficmax Racing Gaming chair with footrest

The Ficmax gaming chair comes second in our list of Best gaming chair with footrest. The Ficmax Racing Chair is one the best Gaming chair with footrest. The chair has 360° Swivel support and a 180° recline support which means you can lie as flat as possible and has a foldable footrest. It also supports adjustable seat height and adjustable seat angle.


  • 2D Adjustible Armrest
  • Retractable and foldable Footrest
  • 180° Full tilt or Recline mechanism
  • Ergonomic Design
  • 360° Dynamic Full swivel movement


  • Lumbar Pillow is there ( Powered by USB )
  • Neck pillow available
  • Large Seat Cushion
  • Soft and breathable High Density Foam with 4.8 inch thick cushion

Wheel: 5 Quiet Caster wheels

Strength and Support

  • Heavy duty metal framework and wheelbase
  • Study and rigid chassis
  • Piston 4 Class
  • Maximum allowable weight 350 pounds.


  • Dirt Resistant and Fade Resistant PU leather
  • Comes with Mono colored , Dual Colored and Tri-colored designs
  • Mono colors: Only Black
  • Dual colors: Black and Red

                        Black and Blue

                       Black and White

                        White and Black

Tri colored: Black ,Red and White

                   Red White and Blue

  • Comes with ABS plastic

Performance and Functioning

  • 2D Multifunctional Handrest can be adjusted with height ( Up and Down )
  • Headrest is available with option to remove if you want
  • Footrest and Lumbar Support can be adjustable
  • The retractable footrest can be folded inside when not in use
  • The adjustable USB powered lumbar pillow messages by vibration so that you don’t feel fatigue after a long gaming session.
  • Soft and Breathable extra 4.8 inch thick seat cushion that is durable and supportive
  • The Ergonomic Design provides you with head support and spine support which helps you to sit for longer hours.
  • Seat : (21.8″ x 17.8″)
  • Backrest : (34.2″ x 20.8″)
  • Footrest : (14.2″x 8.5″)
  • Full 180 Degree Reclining Backrest
  • USB Powered Message Lumbar Pillow
  • Soft 4.8 inch thick seat cushion
  • Great comfort
  • Dirt and Fade resistant PU leather
  • Does not support 4D Mechanical Armrest, It comes with 2D Armrest
  • No storage brackets present

Kasorix High Back Gaming chair with Footrest

The Kasorix chair comes third in our list of Best gaming chair with footrest. The Kasorix gaming chair comes with RGB lighting support on its arms ,backrest and the cushion with 5 colors to choose from and has 2 playing modes static and dynamic. Comes with stunning design and customization that can fit perfectly fit inside your game room. This is one of the unique and best gaming chair.


  • 90°-170° reclinable backrest with multi angle locking and height adjustable
  • Full 360° Swivel movement support
  • Ergonomic Design
  • Adjustable Tilt tension control
  • Bluetooth remote control to control the RBG lighting
  • High quality 0℃ color lamps providing no heating and leakage issues
  • 4 Customizable RGB color modes which include single color , multi color, dotted color, and cycle color mode.


  • Adjustable armrest that provide you with option to adjust the armrest to the best height as per your positioning.
  • Retractable footrest that allows you to relax your feet
  • Thick and padded backrest that gives you more comfort even during long gaming sessions
  • Padded cushion with High Density molded foam that gives you more comfort
  • Headrest pillow and lumbar pillow is there that adds to your comfort
  • Comes with breathable PU leather that is tear resistant and anti-oxidant which helps in keeping sweat out.


  • PU leather
  • Comes with Dual colors: 
    • Red and Black
    • White and Black
    • Blue and Black

Strength and Support

  • Heavy Duty Nylon Chair Base
  • 3 class Gaslift support
  • BIFMA test approved tried and tested
  • 360° movable and silent caster
  • Maximum weight support up to 350 lbs

Comes with installation guide , installation hardwares and tools that require a minimum of 20 minutes to complete.

  • Back Dimensions : 22.44″(W) x 32.28″(H)
  • Height Adjustable :49.17″-52.17″
  • Dimensions ( Overall ): 26.77″(W) X 25.59″(D) X 49.41″-52.17″(H)
  • Bluetooth controlled 5 Customizable RGB Color Lighting
  • BIFMA Certified
  • High quality 0 Degree Celsius Temperature lamps running all backrest and cushion edges.
  • Tear Resistant and Anti Oxidant PU Leather
  • Footrest, Headrest, Lumbar support all available
  • Segmented Padding gives you high comfort
  • 2D Mechanical Armrests, could have been better if 4D
  • 3 Class 3 Gas lift support, could have been better if 4 class

Autofull Slam Dunk Big and Small Gaming chair with footrest

This gaming chair comes fourth in our list of Best gaming chair with footrest. The Autofull Slam Dunk gaming chair comes with Integrated and retractable footrest along side many other features including ergonomic design, Advanced Multifuntional Armrests and can recline up to 160°. This gaming chair is usually preffered by Tall and Big users as the name suggests. Its Brand Ambassador is Goydon Hayward who is an NBA player and plays for Boston Celtics.


  • Mutidimensional 4D Armrest Support
  • Has integrated and retractable footrest
  • Comes with Ergonomic Design
  • Supports 360° Dynamic Swivel Movement
  • Reclining Backrest up to 160°


  • Neck cushion present
  • Lumbar Cushion present
  • Foam Padded with High Density

Wheel: Soft PU and quiet rolling caster

Strength and Security:

  • Maximum allowable weight 400 pounds
  • Heavy metal framework and chassis


  • NBA style Design ( 3 colored )
  • PU-C+ Fiber Leather

Performance and Functioning:

  • Tilt Mechanism: Thick cylinder with upgraded High and Pure Nitrogen
  • The gaming chair can be reclined up to 160°
  • At 90° suitable for working
  • At 120° suitable for gaming on PC, mobiles and Consoles
  • At 160° suitable for napping
  • Advanced 4D Multifunctional Armrests that can be adjusted in 4 ways: Up and down, Left and Right, Front and Back, Inside and Outside.
  • Backrest: Wide and can be enlarged
  • Playing games does not affect your body posture as the Armrests provide you with support and this takes the pressure off the spine allowing you to enjoy gaming for longer hours.
  • SGS Level 4 Gas Lift
  • Seat width x depth: 23.2″ (W) x 23″ (D)
  • Backrest width x height: 35.3″ (H), 35.4″ (W)
  • Floor to seat range: 17.3″ to 20.4″
  • Suitable for persons with height: 6’0″ to 6’8″
  • 4D Mechanical Armrests
  • Special NBA edition
  • Wide and enlarge Backrests
  • Footrest, headrest and Lumbar support all available
  • Priced slightly higher
  • No storage brackets or pouch to store accessories and stuffs

Flash Furniture X30 Gaming Chair with Footrest

Flash Furniture X30 comes fifth in our list of Best gaming chair with footrest. Flash Furniture X30 Gaming chair provides you with so much of customizations. It’s a perfect chair weather to be used for gaming or office purposes. Supports reclining angle between 87° to 145° and also supports 360° Swivel for dynamic movement


  • Comes with the support for slide out footrest
  • Supports full 360° swivel movement
  • Reclinable backrest from 87° to 145° with support for infinite locks
  • Pneumatic seat height and Tilt Lever present under the chair
  • Ergonomic Design
  • 2D Adjustable Armrests 


  • Bonded Faux leather
  • Comes with Mono-colors:  Black, Blue, Grey, Camouflage, Green, Pink, Red, White, Grey, Neon Green and Orange.


  • Headrest is available with option to remove it
  • Comes with removable Lumbar Pillow as well
  • Armrests helps in relieving pressure from your upper body so that you can feel relaxed
  • Slide-out footrest
  • High Density Padded foam


  • Metallic, Plastic and Polyurethane Framework
  • PVC and Twill used as well
  • Maximum allowable weight- 280 pounds

Functionality and Performance

  • 2D Height Adjustable pivot armrests provide you with personalized support with positioning of armrests in inward and outward direction.
  • The Tilt lever when pushed helps to lock in an upright position
  • The Tilt level when pulled out activates the Rocking mode
  • The tilt knob controls and adjusts the resistance of the tilt lever
  • Slide out Footrest support along with flip-up to elevate feet
  • Comes with 5-star base with Casters
  • Removable Headrest and lumbar pillow available
  • Recline up to 145° that allows you lay down as much as possible
  • The Ergonomic racing chair comes with a high back Design that helps keeping your spine and body posture in good shape.
  • Seat Size: 22.5″W x 19″D x 18-21.5″H
  • Back Size: 20″W x 32″H
  • Arm Size: 23.5-29.5″H from floor; 6.5-9″H from seat
  • Slide out Footrest support
  • High Back Design that maintains your spine and body posture
  • Available in many colors
  • Multi purpose chair can be used for Office work and Gaming
  • Great comfort
  • 2D Mechanical Armrests, could have been better if 4D
  • No PU leather
  • Less maximum allowable weight 280 pounds
  • Does not support full 180 Degree reclining

Respawn RSP-900 Console Gaming chair with Footrest

Respawn RSP 900 comes sixth in our list of Best gaming chair with footrest .The Respawn RSP-900 comes with a Racing style design. It has segmented padding which offers you with great comfort and back recline support up to 135° and it has support for 360° swivel for dynamic movement.


  • 360° Swivel base allowing Dynamic Movement
  • Up to 135° reclining backrest
  • Extendable Footrest
  • Ergonomic Design
  • Integrated accessories support with a built-in removable pouch where you can keep your gaming controllers.
  • Built in Cup-holder so that you can recharge or refuel yourself


  • Comes with extendable footrest is a continuous surface unit with the backrest
  • Armrests are present
  • High Density Foam Segmented padding providing you with extra comfort
  • The gaming chair and footrest are continuous surfaces so that there is no space for wires to get tangled.
  • Removable Headrest pillow is supported

Support and Strength:

  • Has Sturdy chassis support provided by pedestal base
  • Supports weight up to 275 lb


  • Dual Colored and Mono colored
  • Dual Colored: Red and Black ,White and Black, Blue and Black
  • Mono Colored: Grey and Black
  • Overall Height is around 44.9”
  • Overall Width is 30.7” and Depth is from 35” to 51”
  • Internal or External Arm Width :18.9”
  • Height of Seat:19.29”
  • Size of Seat:18.9” x 22.44”
  • Size OF Backrest :22.83” x 35.43”
  • Built-in removable pouch present to keep your gaming controllers and stuffs.
  • Integrated Cup-Holder present on the Armrest
  • Segmented padding provides you incredible comfort
  • No space for wires tangling issue as Footrest and Backrest are one continuous surface unit
  • Slightly expensive
  • Less maximum supportable weight 275 LBS
  • Lumbar pillow is absent
  • Static Armrests ( Non adjustable )
  • No storage brackets or pouch available

Respawn RSP 110 Racing Gaming Chair with footrest

Respawn RSP 110 comes seventh in our list of Best gaming chair with footrest .Respawn RSP 110 is the perfect budget range gaming chair with footrest. The Respawn RSP 110 Gaming chair is a race car like gaming chair that comes with an extendable and adjustable footrest , along with segmemted padded cushion that provides you with comfort and luxury weather it be playing games for longer hours or long working days.


  • 360° Swivel support enabling dynamic movement
  • Reclining angle 90° to 155° with infinite locking positions
  • Extendable Footrest with can be adjusted as per the positioning
  • Chair tilt and rift levers are located beneath the chair on the right side.
  • Ergonomic Design
  • Adjustable Chair Height
  • 4D adjustability with : Adjustable height and depth of chair, height and depth of armrests, backrest reclining from 90° to 155° and 360° swivel support.


  • Padded 2D Armrest gives you an extra bit of comfort
  • Adjustable Headrest and Lumbar Pillow
  • Segmented padding design at the backrest gives a nice soft and fluffy feeling
  • Padded footrest which is extendable and adjustable

Strength and Security:

  • Maximum weight capacity 275 pound
  • Strong and Sturdy chassis
  • Rigid Framework


  • Bold High density foam padding
  • Standard Faux leather
  • Comes with contrasting fiber color design
  • Available in Solo colors of Black, Blue, Green, Grey ,Pink, Forest Camo, Purple, Red and White 
  • Arm Width: 21”
  • Overall Height: 48.50” – 51.50”
  • Overall Width: 28”
  • Overall Depth: 28.50”
  • Seat Height: 17.50” – 20.50”
  • Arm Height: 27”
  • Seat Size: 20”W x 18.50”D
  • Back Size: 21”W x 30.75”H


  • Padded Armrests and Footrests adds to your comfort along with lumbar pillow support
  • Incredible comfort with segmented padding backrest
  • Available in variety of solo colors
  • 4D Adjustability
  • 2D armrests, could have been better if 4D
  • Available only in solo colors
  • No PU leather
  • Does not support full 180 reclining
  • Less supportable weight up to 275 LBS

Fantasylab 8257s

Fantasylab 8257s is eighth in our list of Best gaming chair with footrest. The Fantasylab 8257s is one of the best Gaming chair with footrest. Comes with an adjustable backrest and 360° swivel movement with segmented padding that gives you more comfort.


  • Full-tilt mechanism with support for tilt-lock
  • Backrest reclining angle support from 90° to 175°
  • 360° Swivel Dynamic movement support
  • Caster also supports 360° movement
  • Adjustable seat height
  • Ergonomic Design


  • Segmented padding with High Density Foam adds more to your comfort
  • Comes with padded and thickened 2D armrests which is height adjustable and give you comfort while playing.
  • Padded Retractable footrest
  • Comes with adjustable message Lumbar Support
  • Removable Headrest pillow
  • Seat cushion gives you a Soft and fluffy feeling

Strength and Support

  • Steel Frame construction
  • Base is made of Heavy Duty Metal
  • Explosion Proof Gas Spring
  • Supports weight up to 400 pounds
  • Recommended Height: 5’8″- 6’2″

Upholstery :

  • Quiet and PU Leather
  • Comes with Dual colored and Mono Colored
  • Dual Colored:
    • Red and Black
    • Blue and Black
    • White and Black
  • Mono colored: Grey and Black

Overall Height : 51.2″ – 53.5″

Backrest: 33.5″(L) – 23.2″(W)

Armrest: 18.1″(L) – 3.1″(W)

Seat : 20.5″(W) ✕ 20.9″(D) ✕ 5.1″(H)

  • Almost fully reclining Backrest up to 175
  • Comes with removable message lumbar and headrest support
  • Segmented padding that gives you great comfort
  • Comes with massive weight support up to 400 LBS
  • Memory foam seat cushion
  • 2D Armrests, could have been better if 4D
  • Comes with Level 3 SGS Gas lift, could have been better if Level 4

Nokaxus Gaming Chair with footrest

Nokaxus gaming chair stands at ninth position in our list of Best gaming chair with footrest. The Nokaxus gaming chair comes with PU leather and strong Nylon base that gives you extra comfort weather it be playing games for longer hours or long office working days. It  comes with retractible  footrest and adjustable message lumbar and much more.


  • Full-tilt mechanism
  • 90°-180° reclinable backrest allows to lay down as possible as you can
  • 360° swivel movement support
  • Height adjustable knob with right turn to tighten and left to loosen
  • Ergonomic Design


  • Height Adjustible Headrest present
  • Retractable footrest
  • 2D Up and down Height adjustable handrails and armrests
  • USB powered lumbar cushion support for message function
  • Thickened and 5 inch High density cushion sponge


  • Comfortable and perforated PU leather
  • Wear resistant PU fabric
  • Resilience to elasticity
  • Comes with mono-color and dual-color
  • Dual color:
    • Red and Black
    • Blue and black
    • White and Black
    • Pink and White
  • Mono- Color: Black and Brown

Strength and Support

  • Full Steel Framework
  • Strong Chassis
  • Five 360° Movable Large size PU wheels
  • Hydraulic Lever 4 staged
  • Strong base supporting weight up to 300 pounds
  • SGS Certified Level 3 lifting Air rod



  • Backrest : 36.2″(H) ✕ 22″(W)
  • Seat Height: 19″ – 22″
  • Seat Width: 16″
  • Armrest Height: 11″-14″
  • Complete 180 Degree Reclining Backrest
  • Incredible comfort with 5 inch high density cushion sponge
  • Wear resistant and elasticity resilience PU leather
  • Very strong and Rigid base
  • Comes with USB powered message lumbar pillow
  • 2D Armrests, could have been better if 4D

Von Racer Message Gaming Chair with Footrest

Von Racer is placed last in our list of Best gaming chair with footrest. This is another gaming chair from Killabee. The Von Racer Gaming chair is considered to be the most affordable and budget gaming chair. It comes with all the features that are required by a gamer including headrest , footrest and supports up to 135° back recline and 360° swivel movement.


  • Full-tilt Mechanism support
  • Back recline angle from 90° to 135° with infinite locks
  • Complete 360° swivel movement
  • Ergonomic Design
  • Height adjustable with lock support
  • Up and Down Adjustable armrests
  • Comes with 3D spine support backrest
  • Smooth 360° Movable Castor


  • High Density foam padded
  • Thick padded bucket seat
  • Soft and fluffy Flat seat Cushion
  • Retractable footrest with padded design
  • Adjustible Lumbar support for messaging by vibration
  • Headrest is available
  • Adjustible armrests up and down that lets you decide your arms positioning  for better comfort


  • Bonded leather and PU leather as Caster material
  • Comes with Dual colored and Mono Colored
  • Dual Colored:
    • Red and Black
    • Blue and Black
    • White and Black
  • Mono colored: Grey and Black

Strength and Support:

  • The base is made of Heavy Duty Metal
  • Frame Construction is of steel
  • Maximum supportable weight 250 LBS
  • 360 movement smooth caster support
  • Comes with support for Explosion proof Gas spring

Seating area: 20.9″(W) x 21.3″(D)

Seating Height : 18.1″-21.3″

Armrest Length: 9.1″

Backrest Size: 23.6″(W) x 33.5″(H)

Overall Dimensions: 24.4″(L) x 25.2″(W)x 50″-52.8″(H)

  • Memory foam seat cushion
  • Great comfort with segmented padding
  • Adjustable Message lumbar pillow
  • 3D spine support High Back
  • 2D Armrests, could have been better if 4D
  • Does not support 180 Degree Backrest recline

Benefits of Having a Gaming Chair with Footrest

Well in case of normal chairs all of your body weight is concentrated on your hip region that sits on the chair. Seating there for long working days or long gaming session periods you will eventually feel pain on your back and spine. One of the main cause of this is because your entire body weight is not distributed and all of your body weight gets concentrated on your hip region.

Having a gaming chair with footrest allows you to rest your feet which eventually takes the weight off your hips and distributes some amount of your weight towards your feet. This gives you an extra bit of comfort alongside maintaining your body posture and taking pressure off your spine and back allowing you to relax and continue doing your work for longer periods of time.

Footrest chair allows one to have more active sitting options. Lets say you are working on a normal day using the chair as a normal one, whenever you feel tired or exhausted pull out the footrest. Rest the weight of your feet and back against the chair. This is change your support angle required by your back and muscles.

Buying Guide for Best Gaming Chair with Footrest

Your Requirements

Well everything depends upon you as you are buyer or user .Like how you are going to use it, what is the purpose of your buying and how frequently you need, what is your budget and all. All the gaming chairs nowadays comes with ergonomic design. Well in a general sense most of the buyers or users focus on the quality of the gaming chair and look for gaming chair that can provide great comfort which allows them to keep using it for longer duration without getting tired.


Well when talking about quality users look for a gaming chair that can last over a year or two. Quality basically describes the materials and fiber used in making the gaming chair and the maximum weight or support that chair can hold up to. Most of the gaming chairs comes with High duty metal framework with strong chassis and Level 4 Gas lift along with good quality of leather used like the soft and High Density padded PU leather and how much maximum weight the chair can hold. An average maximum allowable weight of 320 pounds is considered to be good.


Comfort is one of the primary thing that every user or buyer considers before making the purchase. Usually all gaming chairs come with ergonomic design. But to experience ultimate comfort you should look for gaming chairs with high density segmented padding foam that gives you a great comfort experience with its soft and memory based seats.

Value for Money

First fix your budget range before buying anything and then check if the gaming chair you are looking for is within the budget. If it is within your budget check if the chair is value for money under that budget segment by reading reviews and feedbacks. As there are a lot of companies and manufacturers that produce gaming chairs. Do research before buying something as there are companies that sell gaming chairs at cheaper price which are actually value for money. So you don’t have to pay more.

Health Regards

Sitting and doing work for longer hours or during long gaming sessions may have a bad impact on your health concerns and spine problem. To fix this you should always consider buying gaming chairs that has support for cushions and pillows such as the Headrest, Footrest, and Armrests along with Lumbar pillow (waist pillow). These features allow free air circulation and will help taking pressure off your spine, your arm muscles, your legs and your back giving you comfort while you play. These features also help in maintaining your body posture and blood circulation flow while you play. Consider buying gaming chairs with backrest reclining angle up to 135° .

Why you should choose a Gaming Chair

Health Benefits

If you have been using a normal chair then its obvious that you must have received back pain and neck pain due to long day sittings. However using a gaming chair you can say good bye to these problems. Gaming chairs are specifically designed to give you incredible comfort so that you can keep doing your work without getting tired. Gaming chair comes with headrest pillow and lumbar pillow that helps your neck and back to relax and take rest. Use of gaming chair can help you staying away from problems such as back pain, spondylosis, text neck and stiffness.

Maintains good Body Posture

Gaming chairs come with 3D spine support High Back design that helps in keeping your body straight and upright while you do your work. With segmented padding design the backrest allows you to relax in comfort while you will receive optimum support to your spine. This will help you in avoiding all sorts of spine related problems and especially back pain which is common when sitting on a normal chair for longer durations.

Customizable Options

While normal chair comes with simple and static designs, gaming chair comes with dynamic designs. Gaming chairs are specifically designed keeping luxury and comfort in mind, so that you can keep doing your work for longer sessions. Gaming chairs are highly customizable in the sense you can adjust the position of your armrests in all directions, lock the seat angle of your backrest at different positions as per your need, adjust your seat height, storage brackets or pouch are also present where you can keep your gaming accessories and stuffs, adjustable headrest and lumbar support as per your need and a retractable footrest. All these customizations allow to experience the real taste of a luxury chair.

Dynamic Design and Stylish Look and Feel

Gaming chair comes with stylish designs with great feel and touch. The segmented padding memory foam soft cushion leather adds a very soft and fluffy feeling. The stylish look of gaming chair is focused to fit inside your gaming space or game room. Some gaming chair comes with incredible design and bluetooth controlled RGB lighting which you can customize to give the exact sort of look and feel that you want for your game room. Ever feel tired sitting on the chair? The USB Powered message Lumbar pillow will heal out all your tiredness , refreshing you with energy again.

Space Saving and Easy to Transport

Ever faced problems for space management due to more chairs in your room. Well with gaming chairs that wont be the problem as you can easily fold the gaming chair or else if you wish you can also dismantle its parts and can store in order to save space. When you wish to reassemble the parts just go through the installation manual that you would be provided by the time of purchase and you can easily set it up the next time and use. These additional benefits of a gaming chair not only solves problems of space management but it also solves the problem of cleaning and maintaining the chairs.

Final Thoughts

This is an elaborate article mentioning you the benefits and advantages that a gaming chair with footrest has to offer. In the end it all depends upon the user or buyer. Like how much often do you need a gaming chair, what is the most important criteria for you while choosing a gaming chair, is it comfort or is it its functionality, or its your tight budget range in which you are searching for the best chair.

All these parameters are up to the user requirements and needs and how the user execute it. If you are someone who like being in front of a screen for long hours you may well choose a gaming chair with comfort as your primary focus that includes all your headrest, backrest, footrest and lumbar support etc. But if your requirement of a chair are less frequent then you can surely go with a conventional or normal chair with minimal features. Everything depends on the user basing upon his needs and usage.

Conclusion and Verdict

Well this wraps up our list for the best gaming chair with footrest. We hope this will help you in getting an idea of the most important features that a gaming chair must have and what are the benefits and advantages of using a gaming chair with footrest along with reasons to support as why you should go for a gaming chair with footrest rather than a conventional office or normal chair.

We hope that these informative details with the buying guide will help you make your decision even better while you purchase a gaming chair. Playing is one of the most entertaining thing that people love to do, but you wont find comfort and feel the real experience to play without the right gaming chair as the right gaming chair enhances your gaming experiences along side keeping your a check at your health and body.

If you agree with this list of the best gaming chair with footrest then do let us know by commenting in the comment section below and also suggest us if this list needs any further improvement.



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