6+ Easy ways to Unlock Airtel PUK Code

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Airtel is one of India’s most trusted and one of India’s biggest telecom operator.The services they provide are absolutely amazing and so is there support staffs as well. Recently Airtel has started rolling out its Airtel XStream Fiber services in competition to Jio Fiber services . However Airtel sim card users still posses a problem to this date with many of you using an Airtel sim may have witnessed one peculiar problem or issue related to your Airtel sim card that is the “PUK code of Airtel”. Many a times sim cards gets blocked and ask you to “ENTER AIRTEL PUK CODE”.

Well these are quite common problems not just related to Airtel sims but other sim providers like Jio and Idea PUK code related problems are there as well. These kind of problems are quite easy to solve and you can easily get your Airtel PUK code. Problems related to PUK code of Airtel arises due to 2 main reasons:

  • You might have forgotten your Airtel sim card PIN number after locking the sim card
  • Any misdirection or misconfiguration related to your Airtel Sim card

Don’t worry guys here I will showing you how you can easily obtain your Airtel PUK code with some simple steps.

Ok, so now with that being said let us now quickly jump into the steps where I will be showing you in details how you can get Airtel PUK code. Its not just 1 method but here we will be discussing multiple ways for obtaining your Airtel PUK code. I am very much sure you will able to get the PUK code of Airtel within no time if you follow the steps rightly and in ordered manner

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What is Airtel PUK code

PUK code is the abbreviation for Personal Unblocking Key which is a 8 digit security code that helps in protecting and securing sim card’s data .The PUK code services are available in all mobile phones in order to help secure user’s sim card details by preventing it from getting accessed by strangers.

Well every sim card operator weather it be Airtel , Idea, BSNL , Jio or whoever it be they provide a unique 8 digit PUK number assigned to each and every sim card manufactured. Whenever you buy a new sim card from any telecom operator company they will provide you a default 4 Digit PIN number for the sim cards..

Well the default PIN provided by the sim operators is totally customizable and you can choose the number as per your wish. . This PIN number allows you protect your sim card data such as your contacts, messages and other sim card details. It will ask you to enter your PIN number whenever you try accessing your messages or call logs..

Now lets say somehow you have forgotten your PIN number but you still tried to unlock the sim card details by guessing your PIN number . This might cost you getting your Sim card blocked temporarily. If you incorrectly enter your PIN number 3 consecutively then the sim card gets blocked temporarily and then it will further ask you to enter your 8 digit PUK code.


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Default PIN code of Airtel Sim Card

Every telecom operator provide their sim cards with a default PIN code. Here is a list of the default PIN codes provided by some of India’s best telecom operators. .

  • Airtel: 1234
  • Idea:1234
  • Jio:0000
  • BSNL:0000

Airtel PUK code Unlocking Methods :

There are several ways you can choose to unlock the PUK code of Airtel sim. All the steps and process of the methods to get Airtel PUK code has been mentioned below. Follow the manner of process and steps and you will get your PUK code of Airtel within no time.

Getting Airtel PUK code using Airtel Customer care number:

Call / Dial – 198

  • For people who wish to obtain the Airtel PUK code without conversation with the Airtel Customer Care , they can try this method.
  • Dial or Call 198 and you will connected to Airtel’s IVR ( Interactive Voice Response ).
  • Patiently listen to the instructions given by the IVR and then Choose the PUK code option.
  • After choosing the PUK code option you will then be asked by the IVR weather you want to generate the Airtel PUK code of your own Airtel sim or someone’s else Airtel sim.
  • Choose wisely and accordingly.
  • The IVR will ask you for certain informations and details regarding the verification process. It might ask you to enter your Name, your Airtel sim mobile number , your Date of Birth .
  • Submit the following details and after successfully submitting those details you will receive your Airtel PUK code using which you can then easily unblock your Airtel Sim Card.

Call / Dial – 121/111

This step is for those who would like to unlock their Airtel PUK code after having a conversation with the Airtel Customer Care Services

  • Dial 111/121 and you will be connected with Airtel Customer Care services who will then help you out in getting your Airtel PUK code.
  • Ask them any queries related to your Airtel PUK code problem and they will guide you for obtaining the PUK code .
  • The Airtel Customer Care services will ask you to provide certain information to verify your identity as you are the sole owner of that Airtel Sim card.
  • They might ask you enter your Airtel sim mobile number and your Date of Birth for verification purposes.
  • After successfully submitting the details and verification completion you will receive your Airtel PUK code.
  • Use the Airtel PUK code then to unblock the concerned Airtel sim card

Dial – 123

  • Dial 123 and you will directed to another IVR service.
  • You can then choose from different options provided by the IVR according to your queries or complaints.
  • Since we want Airtel PUK code which comes in the 2nd option as per the IVR, So we must type “2” .
  • You will then instantly get your Airtel PUK number.

Get Airtel PUK code by Directly contacting with Airtel Customer Care

Dial or Call – 12105 . It is Airtel Official Customer Care Number exclusively to provide services and solve queries and complaints related to Airtel PUK code. Here you will directly contact the Airtel Customer Care PUK related service team who will help you out getting your Airtel PUK code.

Getting Airtel PUK code through SMS services

There should always be an alternative to each and every method. So in this case we have the SMS alternative. People usually go for the SMS services as it is less time consuming and faster to respond. While contacting with the customer care services sometimes may feel irritated and while doing so with IVR’s you have to wait long and listen to each and every option carefully and patiently. Whereas in case of getting Airtel PUK code through SMS does not require much effort. So to obtain the PUK code of Airtel number through SMS services there are 2 possible ways

Using Normal Airtel Sim card:

  • Dial or run the USSD code *121*51#
  • After that a small Pop-up will open Click : “OK”
  • Wait for a while and you will receive another Pop-up window providing you with certain options to choose from
  • The Pop-up window would be something like mentioned below
  • Select Option Number 3 “PUK”. Press “3” and send it
  • After sending another Pop-up windows will come asking you that weather you want to generate the PUK code of Airtel sim for yourself or for someone else. Select Accordingly as per your purpose by choosing between “1” and “2”
  • Option 1 for -Airtel PUK code for Self
  • Option 2 for -Airtel PUK code for others
  • After selecting your required field then click on “Send”
  • After sending one last Pop-up windows will be shown to you asking for your verification details where you will need to type in your Date of Birth in the format DDMMYYYY.
  • Enter your Date of Birth and click “Send”. You will then receive your Airtel PUK number. Its that easy.

Using LAPU Airtel sim card

  • LAPU stands for Local Area Payment Unit. LAPU sim cards are those sim cards that are used to make recharge of other persons or DTH recharges.
  • If you would remember there was a time we used went out for doing our mobile recharges and DTH recharges to nearby mobile retailers. The sim card used those retailers were the LAPU sim card.
  • If you don’t want doing things by yourself you may approach an Airtel retailer with LAPU sim and ask him to find out the PUK code of Airtel sim.
  • Or else if you have access to any Airtel LAPU sim card. Then follow the below mentioned steps
  • Type PUK1 your mobile number – Type this in your message box
  • Lets say for example you want to find out the PUK code of Airtel sim for mobile number 1234567890 , then you should enter PUK1 1234567890.
  • After typing this message in your message box send it 59222.
  • You will receive a reply from authorized Airtel official mentioning your PUK code of Airtel sim.
PUK code of Airtel using LAPU sim card

Geeting Airtel PUK code using Airtel Official App

  • Download Airtel Thanks App from the Google play store or download it by clicking here. You can also visit Airtel Official Website and can download the app from there as well. Its the official Airtel app.
  • Register your Airtel number in the Airtel Thanks app after conforming the OTP (One Time Password)
  • After successful installation of app and registering on it through your Airtel mobile number you will then see your Airtel App Dashboard, that will show you details regarding your Airtel Data Balance, your Plans, your Airtel Talk time and other details.
  • On the main Dashboard you will notice an icon with 3 horizontal bars or lines on the bottom right corner your your screen
  • Select that option and navigate to help and support section or page.
  • On the Help and Support section just type PUK in the search bar.
  • You will then see some auto suggestions among which there will be an option mentioning I want to know my PUK number.
  • Select that option.
  • After that a page will open saying – To get your PUK number , please click here.
  • Select Click here button and you will get your PUK code of Airtel sim.
  • However this method cannot be used if you have previously locked you Airtel sim card as it will prevent you from receiving the OTP.
  • In that case you can obtain the PUK code of Airtel number using the above mentioned methods which will work without any limitations.

Overview and Conclusion

So guys if you face difficulty in finding the PUK code Airtel sim these are the solutions. Don’t be worried on getting PUK code Airtel problems as they can be easily solved. Just follow the above mentioned steps in the orderly manner and you will easily get PUK code Airtel without any issues. The steps mentioned above are well and truly tried and tested and you can opt for them when finding your PUK code Airtel sim. So these are the simple steps that you can use to find your PUK code Airtel sim. If you agree with these methods for getting the PUK code Airtel sim then do let me know in the comments section below.


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